Friday, September 24, 2010

Movie Review: the Town

starring: Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively.

The Town

Monday, September 20, 2010

Movie Review: Easy A

Here's my review for Easy A. I'm going to be creating original formats for my reviews, so that they have a magazine-like quality with better visuals. Now I can run wild with creativity on this thing, enjoy!

Note: there are options to zoom in and out, bring up a full screen and scroll up and down.

Easy A

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 MTV Video Music Awards Fashion Report Card

So the MTV Video Music Awards came and went without much to talk about this year... probably because Chelsea Handler made one of the worst hosts I've ever seen. That sucks, b/c now this normally pretty funny comedienne won't have much of a chance to win over more of an audience for her E network nightly TV show. In case you missed it, she made jokes about the band Sugar Ray. Sugar. Fucking. Ray. Sorry lady, but Justin Bieber's fan can't think all the way back to nineties. It was sadly uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch her train wreck play out on stage.

Anyways, at least we have fashion. And meat dresses. And Taylor Swift who tried to sing a song about Kanye West while barefoot, but instead managed to look really stupid and desperate for the first time in her career. At least she isnt't singing about Joe Jonas anymore?

Grading Scale: The more grand and outlandish your outfit is, the better grade it will earn you. Especially if you can pull it off effortlessly. I better not see any boring Emmy-like costumes around here...

Lady Gaga

Grade: A+++
Designer: Alexander McQueen

This is the best thing Lady Gaga has ever worn. I can honestly say i'm jealous. Makes me sad we no longer have McQueen to design anything this breathtaking again. The greens skirt underneath is a great pop of color. So pretty I could shed a tear.

Lady Gaga - dress two

Grade: A+
Designer: Alexander McQueen

She truly looks lovely in this one. It's nice to see what she looks like when she really dresses to the nines and goes for pretty instead of shock value.

Lady Gaga - meat dress

Grade: C-
Designer: Franco Fernandez

When asked why she decided to wear meat, Gaga replied "So people don't treat me like i'm a piece of meat."
Wow, really fucking insightful. She should just shut up.

Shockingly however, it doesn't look terrible. I hate the shoes the most though.

Katy Perry = winner

Grade: A+
Designer: Marchesa

Katy Perry gets it. She is one of the few who truly chose to wear something fun for an MTV thing. I like her ice-skater inspired dress, and even her nails (with images of Russel Brand printed on them - you would think that could look terrible, but it was cool).